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If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that work is moving along. It’s like pulling nectar from a sieve to get people to do the Census in half the cases. I’m surprised about how many people who were most likely born here refuse. One young man swore about the government and stated that the government has never done anything for him. He was walking on the sidewalk the government put there and getting on public transportation the government build and subsidized. There was no need to swear at my partner and I as we sat in the cold rain trying to get people to do the census. Such is life.

Last night my brother and his family came over bringing take-out from a favorite local hamburger place. My nephew was in from Minnesota and it was great to see him. He lives near some of the violence and it’s been tough. Just the week before there was a shooting near his apartment. When will all the violence end?

Yesterday afternoon a friend and I went for a long walk around a small lake. It’s one of my favorite walks and it was lovely to catch up.

I’m thinking of what to do with my writing. I have sent my play to a few friends and am waiting for feedback. Theaters have been on hold with the lockdown, but won’t be forever. They can’t commit to anything, but they can plan for the future. However, they don’t have revenue so they probably aren’t able to pay the people who’d read through submissions.

In Illinois, COVID-19 cases and more importantly deaths and hospitalizations are down. One sad statistic is that last week more people died from shootings and suicide than the CCP Virus.

RIP, Gracie

Last week my sister’s dog Gracie died. She would stay with us every summer when my sister lived in New York so we were closer to her than them my other siblings dogs. Gracied had a long life for an English Bulldog. She lived to be 9 and she was a great companion to my sister particularly in hard times.

I finished the Hillsdale College online course in Children’t Classic Literature. I highly recommend it as I gained a lot of insight into favorites like Wind in the Willows, which I’ll soon begin to reread and Beauty and the Beast, which I haven’t read, though I did see the Disney version. Those have their place, but don’t hold a candle to the originals.

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