Sepia Saturday

Each week Sepia Saturday challenges bloggers with an image from long ago. This week we see three men wearing hats at a cattle sale. One man’s smoking. So there are a lot of choices for bloggers this week. I decided to search for cattle sales. I found photos on Flickr Commons, an archive of heaps of old images from all over the world.

Cattle sale in Wales, 1952. Source: Flickr Commons

If you’d like to see more historic or nostalgic photos, click here. You’ll get to the home of Sepia Saturday.

Australian Cattle Sale, 1944. Source: Flickr Commons, National Library of Australia

5 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. Both in the prompt photo and your photos, the hats worn at the cattle sales were either flat caps or fedoras which struck me a little funny till I realized the sales were taking place in Australia and Wales. In the U.S. – especially in the western states – the hats worn at cattle sales and auctions are primarily cowboy/western style hats except the nice dressy sorts, not the straw. 🙂


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