Sepia Saturday

Each week Sepia Saturday challenges bloggers with a visual prompt. This week’s double decker bus prompt, inspired me to look for double decker buses.

Building double decker buses in Sydney, 1937. Source: State Library of NSW
double Decker Tram, Leeds, source: Internet Archive, 1908

The tram above looks like it would easily tip over.

Fifth Ave Bus, circa 1910. Source: Library of Congresschallen

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4 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. It wasn’t until I saw your image of the double decker buses being built in Sydney that I remembered how I must have tortured my Gran back in the day when I was little. I loved double-decker buses and made her go up to the top and sit at the very front. I remember us lurching around Kings Cross and then descending to Rose Bay and then back up to Edgecliff and off to Bondi where she lived. Exciting times 🙂


  2. Great pix of double-decker buses . . . especially the one of building one of those things!


  3. These were new varieties to me, as I only knew the London double-deckers from the 80s when I lived there. Sadly they are now gone like the dinosaurs, except for the few tourist buses. We actually have an old British double-decker here in Asheville that was converted to a coffee shop. But in order to meet city fire code it has to be maintained to be driveable even though it’s parked permanently in cement! Silly rules.


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