Sepia Saturday

bke sidecar july 23

Every week Sepia Saturday challenges bloggers to post based on a prompt. This week’s prompt is above. I’ve only seen sidecars in movies and I’ve always thought they looked fun. Here’s three sidecars I discovered in Flickr Commons.

side car

Australian National Maritime Museum, Flickr Commons, 1910

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queensland c

State Library of Queensland, Flickr Commons, 1922

national arcief_c

Nationaal Archief, Flickr Commons, 1930

Book Club: 1984

This month’s Prager U Book Club takes on George Orwell’s 1984. It’s fascinating whether you’ve read the book or not. It made me want to reread 1984, a book I’ve read probably 10 times.

I think the book is essential reading in spite of the fact that the society it’s set in is so bleak. It does make a case for courage and standing up for what’s right before society slips into a nihilistic hell.

It would be interesting to write a prequel.

Have you read 1984? What do you think?