Weekend Coffee Share

wordswag_15073188796611453091488Weekend Coffee Share is a time for us to take a break out of our lives and enjoy some timely catching up with friends (old and new)!

If we were having coffee, we might actually be out. Now that it’s week 17 of the lockdown, and in Illinois we’re in Phase 4, restaurants can open. I think coffee shops can too, but I haven’t seen any that are. Yesterday I had tea with a friend for the first time in 16 weeks.

I hope you’re all well and I wonder how you’re doing at this stage of the CCP Virus Lockdown.

I got some good work news this week, but after getting a call about it, I haven’t heard a thing so maybe that’s a big nothing.

TornCurtain_AnniversaryBlogI’m watching Paul Newman and Julie Andrews in Torn Curtain. It’s a compelling thriller. Stay tuned for a review.

I’m reading Proust’s Swann’s Way, but reading slowly to savor the style. Proust excels at describing our every thought or twitch. Yet I do ask myself whether such obsessed characters are worth the attention.

My brother won 2nd place for his July 4th decorations.

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