I’ve missed the Starbucks in my town’s downtown. It doesn’t have a drive through, but it’s located in a spot with other eateries and shops. It’s a spot where people of all ages can easily bike to. I was at the Dollar Store yesterday and walked over to the Starbucks to read a sign I saw on the door.

I was hoping to find out when this hub for conversation, meet ups, homework, and creative writing. A knitting group would meet weekly to make blankets for the needy. The staff was usual cordial.

Instead I saw a sign that this location was permanently closed. It said we should go to the Village Square. I wasn’t sure which strip mall was the Village Square. I’ve looked it up. It’s a strip mall adjacent to the expressway. It’s on a very busy street which no kid should be riding a bike along. It’s surrounded by other strip malls. It just isn’t a good replacement. There are loads of Starbucks locations, but many are cold and designed for in and out service.

Now we’re still locked down and not able to sit in a Starbucks even though our state has moved to a new CCP Virus phase when an eatery can have 25% occupancy. I believe we will return to eating inside eventually and when we do people will want a place to chat with friends, to study or write in a café or to plan for small business, knit or what have you. This change was not well thought through.


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