Sepia Saturday

Tennis Players (1920s) Unknown Subjects and Location

This week Sepia Saturday challenges bloggers to share images from way back when inspired by the photo above. So this week I’ve found some photos of tennis players.


State Library of New South Wales, 1899

Hales Family Tennis Party


Library of Congress, circa 1920

Actress Priscilla Dean ready for tennis.


Library of Congress, circa 1925

Kumagae and Johnson (Flickr Commons had no information on Mr. Johnson, hence no link.)

How would you like to play tennis in the outfits worn in the first two

11 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. Absolutely adore that 1920 tennis outfit, although I can’t imagine playing in those shoes! Great matches for the prompt.

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  2. I wonder if the game of tennis was fast and furious when women had to contend with a dress. I suspect they beat the heck out of their skirts.

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  3. Nice match to the prompt. But it’s hard to imagine trying to play tennis in the clothes women wore back then. I have a hard enough time in shorts! Or had, anyway. Don’t play anymore. Ping Pong is my speed these days.

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    • The game must have been very leisurely to play in those clothes. The shoes . . . no way. When were athletic shoes invented. God bless the inventor of gym shoes.

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  4. That’s quite a tennis outfit. Almost looks like something I would have worn to work in an office. In all seriousness, great photos!


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