Sepia Saturday


Sepia Saturday offers inspiration with a nostalgic of historic twist each week. This week we’re inspired by the photo above. I went hunting for images of women by windows. Here’s what I found via Flickr Commons.


National Library of New South Wales, 1935. 

Yes, this icy chalet is in Australia, Mt. Kosciuszko.

If you’d like to see more interpretations of this week’s prompt, hop on over to the Sepia Saturday home by clicking here.


Tyne & Wear Archives & Museum, 1963

Window  shopping


National Library of Ireland, 1954


5 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. Some good finds re: interesting window snaps! The first one especially is such a happy shot, but it looks a ‘bit’ chilly!


  2. Oh you found some great photos here. It’s difficult to choose a favourite one but I think it’s the first. Gee window shopping has changed hasn’t it? Much improved to my mind.


  3. I can’t believe the woman in the ice palace photo is wearing short sleeves! I agree with others — hard to choose a favorite. However, I love the one of the older Irish couple with their windowsill flower and herb garden — apparently making the most of urban space to liven up their home and meals.


  4. The icy chalet is intriguing and looks quite deadly. If the woman leaned over about another inch…that would have been a very gruesome picture! The old couple with the flowerpots is very sweet.


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