Sepia Saturday

200422 : Sepia Saturday 519 Header, 9 May 2020

Another week of inspiration from Sepia Saturday, my source of inspiration for nostalgia or history. The photo above reminded me of the two young criminals Leopold and Loeb. Note the boys above look like fine, upstanding citizens. But so did the pair of wealthy boys from Chicago, who schemed to commit murder.


While in their 20s partners in crime Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb carried out their plot to kidnap and murder 14 year old Bobby Frank. They requested $10,000 ransom from their victim’s parents.


Loeb (l) and Leopold (r)

Clarence Darrow defended the pair in court and convinced the judge to give them life in prison rather than the death sentence. Many books and some films have told their story.

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Sculpture Saturday


At a work camp during the Cultural Revolution, Shandong Province, China

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Word of the Week

amphictyony: n. an association of neighboring states in ancient Greece to defend a common religious center

broadly : an association of neighboring states for their common interest

I ran across amphictyony in Paul Johnson’s book Heroes, a fascinating read with short profiles of heroic figures starting with ancient cultures.

Merriam-Webster. (n.d.). Amphictyony. In dictionary. Retrieved May 8, 2020, from