WSJ’s The Download

On Saturday The Wall St. Journal interviews a celebrity about his or her smartphone use. Here are my responses:

  • Favorite podcasts: The Loftus Part and John Batcherlor
  • App I wish someone would invent: a script reader so that it could sift through aspiring writers’ work so more people could get consideration for publication.
  • Most-recent phone call: from an applicant for Census work
  • Favorite emoji’s: I don’t have a favorite. I use GIFs more.
  • Times when you stay off my phone: when I’m driving, watching TV, cooking, cleaning, much of the day actually.
  • Favorite Instagram filter: normal. I avoid changing my photos.
  • Favorite picture in my Instagram feed: The ones of St. Alphonsus or St. John Cantius churches at Christmas.
  • Battery percentage at which I feel compelled to charge my phone: 5%.
  • Last app checked at night and first app checked in the morning: Last at night is YouTube and the first in the morning is usually YouVersion.
  • Essential travel app: IHG Hotels, but I’m not dependent on it.
  • Favorite finess app: None.
  • Favorite text of the week: I can’t say since I don’t want to incriminate anyone. I only use text on my work phone.