Sepia Saturday

2004009 : Group Of Ladies (Aunty Phylis?) (EP20)

Oh, the days before social distancing . . .

This week Sepia Saturday challenges us to post images inspired by a new prompt each week. The photo above made me think of shawls so I searched Flickr Commons for images with women sporting shawls. Enjoy!

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shawls c

National Library of Ireland, 1893

Women selling fish or vegetables


Musée McCord, 1901

Aboriginal women and children, Vancouver, BC

not a nun c

Powerhouse Museum, 1900

She looks like a nun to me, but no, she’s a woman in a fancy dress according to Powerhouse Museum.


Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru, 1867

Three Welsh women

5 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. Hey – two great minds with a single thought! You found some wonderful photos to match your theme. The one of the Welsh women kind of surprised me. My first thought when I saw it were that they were American Indian women, but then I saw the caption and your description. Very strange.


  2. Such unique photos to match the prompt — and yes, welcome groups during social distancing. Interesting how the shawl is utilized and reinterpreted by each set of women despite their geographic and ethnic diversity.


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