Sepia Saturday

2003518 : Sepia Saturday 515 : Car Outside A Shop

Based on the photo above, I’m inspired to find nostalgic phones of baskets.

baskets 1

Aleutian baskets and Eskimo baskets, Library of Congress (LOC), 1890

These look a lot like the baskets I saw from Botswana just a few years back.



Basketweaving, LOC, 1900

A beautiful craft, no?

baskets 2

Currier & Ives, LOC, 1872

This week is Easter so I’ve got to find some Easter baskets.

basket 5

Children with Easter baskets, LOC, 1922

basket 7

Boy with a basket, LOC, 1923

What a smile! It sure says Happy Easter.

basket 6

Children at the White House Easter Egg Roll, 1922

7 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. A tisket , a tasket. I’ve lost my yellow basket? I’ve always admired the anonymous craftspeople who create beautiful art while skilfully making a practical household thing.

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  2. Our Easter baskets when I was growing up had colored eggs & candy – which was nice. But I loved the little bunnies & chicks we got in them the best. Love the photo of the three toddlers participating in the 1922 White House Easter Egg Roll.

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