Sepia Saturday


Newspaper Boy Race, 1964

Source: Florida Memory on Flickr Commons


Decorated bike, circa 1900

Source: Powerhouse Museum on Flickr Commons


PR Stunt for the Film Ghose Catchers, 1944

Source: National Library of New South Wales on Flickr Commons

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4 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. My first bicycle was like those newspaper boys’ bikes. Heavy and hard to pedal. I’ wonder what the story is with the next two cycle photos. Ghost catchers?


    • I think the second photo shows a bicycle decorated for a 4th of a July parade long ago.

      Ghost Catchers was a movie and this was some promotional event.


  2. Gosh, I remember decorating our bikes for neighborhood parades – not only for recognized special days, but sometimes just for spur-of-the-moment ideas to have a parade for whatever reason. Fun times!


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