Corona Virus: my current life in pictures

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There’s not much left of Hanoi anymore.

The usually busy streets are worringly quiet. People are all wearing masks and the cafes are desert.

If you want to make money, sell hand sanitizers. They became the most sought item and all the pharmacies are “out of stock”.

For the last 2 weeks, all planes from China are banned to enter the country.

We are living in an apocalyptic atmosphere. My helper has a mask glued on her face and she is relaying the most anxious news she gathered through “friends”: the government is not telling about all the Corona virus victims, Chinese are infecting the country, it’s a biological war.

Well, it’s an interesting time indeed.

Schools have been closed for 3 weeks now, a preventive measure to avoid the widespread of the virus.

The first week was exciting I must say. Homeschooling can be very interesting, I loved the…

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  1. Thanks so much for the repost 🙏🏻 big virtual hug from our side of the world 🙂 stay safe !


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