Sepia Saturday

sepia sat fam portrait

Sepia Saturday bloggers are challenged this week to share photos inspired by the family portrait above. I decided to find some famous families all together.

elizabeth 00005DC-881_964x673

Queen Elizabeth II & family


Teddie Roosevelt’s Family

lincoln family

The Lincoln’s


Queen Victoria and her children

kaiser wilhelm 1906

Kaiser Wilhelm II & Family


Japanese Imperial Family, 2008


Kennedy Family portrait


Last Imperial Korean family, Jeoseon Period


3 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. Quite a collection! Wouldn’t it have been great if every family had had the financial wherewithal to hire a photographer/portrait artist to get a group shot along the way? Whatever the shortcomings of the digital era, at least it has evened the photographic playing field!

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  2. I’m fascinated by photos of royal families. It’s a kind of propaganda that builds celebrity power and yet still is about old traditions of family life. But who bought these photos? Did kids collect them like trading cards?


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