Boggles the Mind

Recruiting this week featured two situations I still can’t wrap my head around — and I can wrap my head around some odd ideas.

1. I went to a Power Employment Workshop to tell the attendees who’re actively looking for work about our well paying jobs that allow workers to set their own hours and work close to home. I thought half or more would apply. Wrong. Zero did.

2. I went to the local Food Pantry to see if I could be stationed in their meeting space and help people learn about our jobs that pay $26.50 to 29.50/hour and have waivers so you don’t lose your welfare benefits for a job that ends in July. The Pantry refused because sometimes they use that table to take passport applications or to meet. I would have worked around their meetings and I’d think they could process their passports at the large counter where they process the food pantry applications. What a shame as that pay and work experience could really turn a family around.

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