Weekend Coffee Share

wordswag_15073188796611453091488Weekend Coffee Share is a time for us to take a break out of our lives and enjoy some time catching up with friends (old and new)!

When I look back on the week, I’m see that it actually was quite busy. I don’t feel like I accomplished much, but I was on the go. On Thursday I recruited at a different Toastmasters group. It’s interesting to compare the two meetings. Both followed basically the same format, but this second one was much more formal. The group was hospitable but they did critique each other more on formalities. On Friday my Census recruiting job took me to the Chicago Auto Show, which  claims to be the biggest in the country. I’d never been to one of these. The new car models all gleam and dazzle. We did get a good number of interested applicants. My colleague said that this year’s Auto Show didn’t have all the interactive activities as years past.


Saturday I recruited at the Illinois Briefings meeting for the Illinois League of Women’s Voters. Members came from the top third of the state and they were so engaged and supportive of the Census. A few did apply, so it wasn’t just lip service. I got to hear a bit of the opening speech and heard about their efforts to get Illinois to get neutral parties (ha!) to draw up the voting districts. Illinois is famous for egegrious gerrymandering. See the map below with the green district.


Illinois’ 4th district. Come on!

We’re not the only state though. Check out these districts.


How about getting high school seniors in Geography to make the maps. Give them a couple rules and go. These maps are sickening.

I digress. The League had sessions on affordable housing, criminal justice reform and taxation in Illinois, which is a hot topic. The League is supposed to be nonpartisan and I’d be interested to see how members with differing views on policy interact. Most sessions seem to have been given by one person so I wonder if they provided all sides of an issue.

Yesterday was busy with socializing, not work. In the morning I met Kristyn, who was in from out of town. She came in with a group of Korean students who’re at her university this month for a short term program. They visited Chicago for a weekend of fun. It was great to catch up. Kristyn has been teaching in China for the last two springs as her university is dangerously low on students and in the spring there isn’t the need for her. This spring her program is delayed till May due to the Coronavirus.

I know of 4 people in this situation. It makes sense because germs easily spread in dorms and classrooms. Yet these overseas teachers are in limbo. Some have found other jobs and others are just waiting.

After going to church at Northwestern’s Sheil Center, which has a consistently good mass, I met a friend for coffee. Kathleen’s also a teacher and she’s taken early retirement so now she does long term sub assignments. She’s also able to go to Florida and help her parents out with whatever projects need doing. We’ve known each other since birth and its one of those friendships where there’s deep understanding of family, jobs and life.

Then I drove over to the library to meet with a few library lovers to discuss the latest news article and prepare for tonight’s board meeting. People want the former branch manager reinstated and for the Board to be held accountable for spending in excess of $50,000 on consultants to help them keep the former Director who did so much damage to the library.