Sepia Saturday


Posing With The Car - Liberas Collection, Flickr (Sepia Saturday 506)

This week Sepia Saturday inspires bloggers to share images with people and cars. The photo above reminds me of a clown car. I looked for photos with


Source: Florida Memory, 1963


Missouri State Archives, 1924

1909 U of Wash c

Children of All Nations Day, University of Washington Archives, 1909


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5 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. The family station wagon is a classic image of Americana. Very much like my family vacation trips. In the olden days. The parade cars make me wonder what modern cars will be used for parades in 50 years.


  2. We had a ’42 Pontiac sedan when I was growing up. We got our first station wagon – a 1951 Ford – when I was 14 and from then on, it was station wagons all the way. I learned to drive in a turquoise ’55 Ford Country Squire station wagon – the kind with the wood sides. A beautiful car! 🙂


  3. A fun post to match the prompt photograph. I liked especially the white car with the streamers – reserved here in the UK for weddings – the girls looked so happy. Let’s hope the police never caught up with the overladen vehicle of children.


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