Trump: March for Life Speech

This takes guts as previous Presidents were afraid to go against the tide.

Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander

It’s amazing that a US President finally has the courage to attend this event .

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Miss Americana

Steven Crowder offers a thorough review of Taylor Swift’s film Miss Americana. I saw this twice at the festival as it was shown twice where I was volunteering.

I just don’t follow Taylor Swift’s music as I’m of the era of The Who, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, etc. I feel she sings for a younger fan. I did learn something about her life and saw how she presents a dazzling image on stage. Again, a highly produced, dazzling show doesn’t wow me. I’m content to see musicians in street clothes performing live to an audience that’s less than 100.

The documentary presents Taylor without much input from anyone else. I wish there were interviews with the music teachers or voice coaches and people who knew her when. Instead we see this young singer talking and talking to the camera giving her views on her life. During the post-film Q and A, where no audience questions were allowed, Taylor Swift said that she wanted to make a film that wasn’t propaganda. That comment verified my thought that this was a propaganda film. All the ideas came from the subject or were approved by her. She may be a wonderful person, but I’d like others to speak up and say so.

The documentary includes some early footage from her childhood and teens, but I was left wondering exactly who chose to make her records. Who gave her a break? No one succeeds without help and that’s not a bad thing necessarily. However, the film makes it seem that Taylor Swift’s success is solely due to her efforts. While she probably does work extremely hard, she has to have help from others. Also, it’s just more interesting to show different memories, different stories, and different perspectives.

Steven Crowder makes some excellent points about how Taylor probably has glossed on to some ideology without analyzing information, without comparing what her team tells her with other information sources. I agree that she has made some big mistakes in her thinking. Her 4th wave feminism hurts women and creates a straw man to vilify.

In short, this is a film for avid Taylor Swift fans, though they probably already know all this. I feel the film was a waste of my time.

My Highlights of 2020 Sundance Film Festival

My favorite parts of the Sundance Film Festival were:

  • The food and atmosphere at the Sapphire Chase Lounge on Main Street
  • The film Minari
  • The film Truffle Hunters
  • The Sundance TV Lounge
  • The Q&A’s with directors and film casts
  • The appreciative festival patrons
  • Getting to see Robert Redford, Julia Louis Dreyfus, Will Ferrell, Lee Isaac Chung (director of Minari)
  • The cinematography of The Mountains are a Dream that Call to Me
  • The esprit de corps of my fellow volunteers
  • Getting to bump into relatives around town
  • The panels on Downhill and Charm City Kings
  • The luck of the draw of the eWaitingList
  • The ease of getting around town



Weekend Coffee Share

wordswag_15073188796611453091488Weekend Coffee Share is a time for us to take a break out of our lives and enjoy some time catching up with friends (old and new)!

I’d tell you that I’m recovering from volunteering and attending the busy Sundance Film Festival. I was assigned to usher at the Eccles Theater, which is the largest venue. I got to see the Premiere where Robert Redford spoke and producers and featured cast members of the film Crip Camp spoke. I saw many films and exciting panels about new movies like Downhill starring Julia Louis Dreyfess and Will Ferrell.

My favorite films were Minari and The Truffle Hunters, which were more inspiring and heart-warming than a lot of the fare on offer here. I saw Minari 2 times all the way through and the ending two more times all because sometimes a shift starts at the end of a film.

I’ll post reviews soon.

I have enjoyed Park City with its charming Main Street, the snowy mountains. People seem nice and helpful. Their free busses make it easy to get around.

Today I’ve toured the public library and am impressed with all they offer. You can check out a telescope, ukuleles, a podcast recording kit, sleds, snowshoes, projectors, a Go Pro, photo light kits, a Cricut machine, a horseshoe set, a fog machine, a guitar, a bocce ball set, a DVD drive, and more. It’s an example of the Library of Things movement, where libraries share items that people want to use occasionally and don’t want to own.