Poem of the Week

A character from the film Miss Juneteenth recites this poem by Maya Angelou, PhD.

Nine Days

Don’t waste your time with the film Nine Days, which I saw at the Sundance Film Festival. How I wish I could get that time back.

Based on an odd premise that’s never adequately explained or thought out, the main character is bureaucrat who works out of a grubby, old house in some otherworld. His job is to interview full grown beings to give them a chance at life on earth. All the beings have full personalities and are supposed to win their chance at life based on their ethics and personality. The “hero” is looking for someone who fits his personal criteria perfectly. Well, that’s surely not what happens in real life.

My First Night as Sundance

Some highlights of the Sundance Film Festival. I’m volunteering at Eccles Theater where Robert Redford gave a tribute to the Sundance Executive Director, who’s stepping back after this year’s festival.

I’m enjoying the festival, but the volunteer schedule has kept me hopping. Little time for blogging or sleep. So next week I’ll have more film reviews and descriptions of this amazing experience.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Harvest Scenes


The best I could do is a painting of a farm

Each week Cee of Cee’s Photography challenges bloggers with a fun prompt. This week we’re to share photos with colors that show a harvest or fall in all its glory.

Click here to see more harvest scenes photos, click here.


New Book Club

PragerU has a new book club with Michael Knowles. Each month he and a guest will discuss a great book. This month Michael and Dennis Pragerdiscuss Viktor Franks’s Man’s Search for Meaning. 

I enjoyed their in-depth conversation and they’ve convinced me to move this book up in my reading queue. I’m curious about what book Michael will discuss next and who he’ll have on. I do wish they’d tell us the next book so I could read it before the February video comes out.