Can I Just Say . . .

that it’s not effective for a manager to tell new employees who’ve gone through a week of training that consisted of mishaps and disorganization (i.e. we don’t have the equipment you need, maybe we will tomorrow; oh, no one sent us the usernames you need; doesn’t anyone have any ideas of what we should do in the meantime) to stumble around and then start cracking the whip with threats like, “I know you all just started and it’s been rough and this isn’t the position you thought it would be, but if you don’t achieve these new benchmarks as much as I don’t want to, I’ll have to fire you.”

Is this for real?

Yep. Wish I could elaborate.

3 thoughts on “Can I Just Say . . .

  1. sorry – and sending a prayer your way for grace and patience
    be strong –
    and it is so disappointing when management and leaders are a let down – and when things are not up to par.
    be encouraged and know that this happens.
    I know you are disappointed and annoyed – but try and remember it is sculpting you for your other roles later.
    when you are privy to experiences like this is sculpts you for bette r- and trust me – I know first hand.
    I have had part-time jobs and contract work that was a nightmare and well – it really has helped me home my skills and has sharpened me.
    so think of it as training and giving you stuff to add to your books someday =
    and try to give it time because being employed is a big deal and there can be good.


      • Yes – but go slow because it is nice to have a bond or some deposits before you make a withdrawal – you know? Just use wisdom especially early on! And sending good thoughts your way for grace and patience for the right time to speak up.
        Don’t forget the change is vulnerable and you are already displaced and so things are going to be more annoying – I know from experience – ha – sometimes at least – we can be more irritated and just put off – so give it time


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