Today I Made

Today I made two green bean casseroles, a pecan pie and figured out how to create videos out of PowerPoint.

The library troubles in these parts continue. The speakers at the October meeting asked that what they said be included in the minutes in full. Then we saw the minutes and bland generalities were written instead of what was said. At the meeting last week we asked that the minutes be transcribed into the minutes so there was an accurate account of what was said.

The Library Board President refused the request. (The Board has to keep a recording of the minutes for several months so this could be done.)

The Board did agree to post the full recording of the meeting online. Well, they probably figured who’s going to listen to a recording that lasts over 2 hours.

I figured out how to download the recording, edit it so you could hare just the key public comments. Then I created PowerPoint slides with what was written in the minutes with recordings of what was actually said.