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Above is a bunch of people posing in front of a Hop House, I can’t easily find a definition of Hop House, but found all sorts of other terms like Hoop House and Hip House, which is connected to Hip Hop music. I’m guessing it’s where hop is processed to make beer.

I found some photos of people who worked with hops.

Hop Pickers

hop pickers c

From OSU Special Collections

At the time of writing, OSU’s Special Collections site is undergoing maintenance, hence I can’t get dates as they didn’t include them on Flickr Commons.

Weighing Hops

weighing hops

OSU Special Collections

More Hops Pickers

Picking hops [Tasmania]

National Museum of Australia

Taken in Tasmania between 1911-1915 by Edward Searle.

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4 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. Nice photos. The kids all look happy so that’s good. It does look, in these pix at least, like families picking together and probably was back then. 🙂


  2. I’ve read that whole families would move to hops farms for the picking, and made some of their income that way. Apparently there were little cabin/sheds for them to live in during the season of picking. (Probably in a novel, so don’t take this as fact.)


  3. I know enough about agriculture to know the difference between soybeans and alfalfa. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen a hops farm and I wouldn’t recognize a hops closer\fruit if it was in a salad. Which is odd considering how much I enjoy beer.


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