Sepia Saturday


Women and cars, cars with character. I was just lamenting to a friend how cars seem to resemble each other and how there’s little variation. I’m saddened that the new version of the VW Bug is to be no more. So I’m looking for cars with charm and character.

College Parade

women car lindent_c



In a Model T


State Library of Queensland, 1915

Small Car


by phlubdar, 1950

Now I’d be worried about driving in a small car surrounded by so many SUVs.

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7 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. Great car photos. I love the factory chimney behind the first one. Must have been a high school in an industrial area? That third car is actually bigger than the Fiat 500 I learned to drive on. And yes, it was scary when a large vehicle passed by!

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  2. Great pix! That sports car is a bit on the small side. I had a boyfriend with an Austin-Healey Sprite years (& years!) ago. It was so low, I laughingly commented I could file my fingernails on the street as we drove along. Today, I see these little tiny ‘toy’ cars, as we call them, driving around and those I’d REALLY be worried about being in – especially with all the big logging trucks and such that drive around here. On the other hand, they probably get GREAT gas mileage, and would be a cinch to park!

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  3. It’s funny that all three images have a clown-car quality about them. In college I drove a little Honda Z-Coupe which was maybe smaller than your last car. It had two cylinders sized at just 500cc, A good Japanese urban commuter car with super gas mileage but impractical for America roads and giant sized people, so after graduation it had to go.


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