Weekend Coffee Share

wordswag_15073188796611453091488Weekend Coffee Share is a time for us to take a break out of our lives and enjoy some time catching up with friends (old and new)!

If I were having coffee with you this weekend, I’d tell you I took a former student from China to Pilsen so she could see the vibrant murals and have some Latin food.





This year I’ve been to Pilsen three times. Prior to 2019, I’d never been there. We saw lots of murals, some I’d never seen.


There are easily hundreds. We went to 5 Rabinitos, which was packed.


St. Paul’s

Then we headed to St. Paul’s Catholic Church, but it was locked up. Too bad. We wanted to go to the National Museum of Mexican Art but the line was way down the block and probably would take over an hour to get through. Their Dia de los Muertos exhibit goes till January so I’ll return.

On Monday I attended the Library Board Meeting. At times it was uplifting such as when people spoke up about how much they cared about the library or libraries in general. I agree with the man at the end of the video above that we have lost a lot of cultural institutions. Some change is needed, but how much and what kind?

The board voted to spend $15,000 on a heated sidewalk, which didn’t sit well with many in attendance, who’re more concerned with the fact that 22 out of 43 people have left this year. In November all but one Youth Librarian will remain.

I saw Remorquers, a French film with Jean Gabin, which was decent, but not one I’d insist you see.



Remorques (1941) stars Jean Gabin as André, a tugboat captain, married to the lovely, devoted Yvonne (Madeleine Renaud). As the film opens André and Yvonne appear to be the perfect couple. Everyone at a wedding for one of André’s crew members, looks to Yvonne and André, who’ve been married 10 years as the perfect couple. I sure did. They are loving, practical and truly care about each other deeply.

When the Cyclone, André’s boat is called to rescue a ship caught in a wild storm, Yvonne offers to console the bride whose honeymoon must be postponed and whose husband faces peril with his comrades. Yvonne shares how distraught she gets anytime her husband goes to sea and how lonely she is. Yvonne’s built her life around her marriage, while André’s first priority is his boat and its mission with his wife coming in a close second.

As the waves and storm attack the boats, the scenes of the storm thrill.

The rescue is daunting enough, but the greedy captain of the endangered ship doesn’t want to be rescued. If his boat is saved, he’ll have to pay the tugboat for doing so. He’d rather lose all his crew and cargo and collect the insurance. Now that’s a villain.

Disgusted by the evil captain, his wife Catherine (Michele Morgan) and some crew members escape in a raft and the tugboat takes them aboard. Of course, Catherine is stunning. She’s decided to leave her nasty husband.

You can probably guess what happens. Yep, Catherine tempts the faithful André. The film gets sentimental and predictable but Gabin, Renaurd and Morgan’s performances make Remorque compelling. It’s not a masterpiece, but it held my interest.