Sepia Saturday


This week I’m inspired to find some equine photos. How were horses used way back when? Let’s see what I found on Flickr Commons.


State Library of Queensland, 1920

I thought 1920 was rather late for such transport.


The Library of Virginia, 1958

That’s not a typo on my part. Check the source. It says this photo of a horse & Richmond Ice wagon is from 1958.

armymail wagonc

Smithsonian Museum, 1864

This Union Army mail wagon was used in the Civil War.

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9 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. Nice collection of matching photos to the prompt. You’re right – 1920 does seem a little far along to see a horse-drawn wagon; but the 1958 photo of the ice wagon really boggles the mind!


  2. I am dating myself here, but when I was a (very young) child there were still ice deliveries to folks who had “ice boxes” instead of the new-on-the-market-refrigerators. In fact, my dad continued to call our fridge the “ice box” for most of my childhood. Whether the ice was delivered by horses I can’t say, but fun to see the ice delivery photo here.

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  3. Me too, when a child in the 40s or 50 I did see ice wagons…and scissor and knife sharpener wagons – usually going along the alley in back of people’s houses in St. Louis.


  4. I’m more fascinated by horse drawn coaches and wagons, than saddle riding horses. They are of course the very definition of “horsepower”, which is why I admire their strength more than their speed. A city’s ice house was usually near the train depot since it was delivered by rail from up north, so delivery by horse cart seems logical even into the 1960s.

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