A Comment on the Library’s Value

A person left a great comment on a neighborhood board expressing her feelings for the library where I used to work.

This is outrageous! Have any of you reading this spent any significant time in the Northfield Library??? Well I have and so have my husband and four children. The mostly female staff was outstanding – especially Kristen Carlson. If you know the library – then you know that it is very small – so everything can be heard. This is what I heard from the amazing folks who worked there – How can I help you? What came after that was amazing. As babies and children with their mothers, the elderly, adults with special needs & mental health issues and folks inbetween like me – came in for help, a chat or just plain human contact. Every need was answered and those ladies bent over backwards to listen, to care, to be present and to dispense books, magazines, CD’s, help with computers/copiers and everything you can imagine. There were times I left with a tear in my eye because they developed such kind and caring relationships with lonely and vulnerable residents who just needed a place to be. One particular day – the last day they closed before Christmas – I watched as many young children came in bringing little cards and gifts for the librarians – and they all left with a little gift in return. What is a small town library for if not a place to get a little something to read and some kindness. Wow this is a complete breakdown of the goals of our small town. We don’t need any corporate takeovers – leave us one vestige of humanity.