Sepia Saturday


This week I’m most impressed with the women’s style (for the beach no less). Let me share photos and information about their elements of style.

Gibson Girl Hairstyles


These Gibson Girl hairstyles have caught my attention on BBC productions set just before WWI. Popular in the Edwardian Era, illustrator Charles Dana Gibson, the Gibson Girl look consisted of cascades of hair pinned loosely on the head, a tall, healthy body showing the results of regular exercise like bicycling and an a emancipated spirit evinced by a young woman entering the workforce.

Here’e a how-to video. The first part on makeup is below.

Magnificent Hats


lots hatsf_c

The Ensemble

f plate2

These Edwardian fashion plates show you how to put your look together.

f plate3


Certainly, the hats and corset require perfect posture and probably weren’t the least bit comfortable, but the look is stylish and creative.vict f plate

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7 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. Hair styles are such good clues to date old photos, but they aren’t always accurate because fashion trends take time to change. The four women in my post this weekend styled their hair in a “Psyche knot”. It was a popular for a relatively short time in the 1890s. I found a period magazine which gave step-by-step instructions, and it looked so complicated and time consuming that I can understand why it faded from style.

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    • You’re absolutely right. We just need to look around us. Some people are au current and others wear a style they’ve been comfortable with for decades.


  2. Some great pictures! And the video tutorial on how to put a Gibson Girl hairdo together was amazing. No wonder ladies had personal maids back then. As I watched the video I couldn’t help thinking how good it would feel to have someone fiddling around with your hair like that while you just sat there relaxing. And of course back in the day, there was no hair spray. I wonder what they used in place of it? When I was active in melodrama theatre, we just popped Gibson Girl wigs on our heads. Much easier. 🙂


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