Sepia Saturday


This week I’m inspired to find photos of newsboys. My paternal grandfather was a newsboy in his youth and I wish I had a photo of him in those days. He sold papers at a hospital in Chicago and even sold a paper to Teddy Roosevelt. Here are some photos of kids and newspapers.

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newsboys sydney11de_z

State Library of New South Wales, 1935

1910 5fc209d_z

New York City, 1910 | Source: Flickr Commons

Note the newsgirl above.  I thought only boys sold papers.


Newsies in DC, 1912

4 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. Your first pick depicting a working class street has layers of historic interest. The same photo made today would show kids engrossed in their cell phones. And I doubt many modern neighborhoods like that one still retain the old washing lines. From what I’ve learned, it was not uncommon for girls to sell newspapers alongside boys, but girls usually sold other cheap trade items on the street like matches and flowers.


  2. All your pictures are great, but I especially like your first selection. It has a little bit of everything!


  3. You sourced great photographs to match the prompt . My favourite has to be the first one, as there are so many elements to focus on. It makes you stop and think how many children today pick up a newspaper – though it has just occurred to me was this a staged photograph. How many families in a poor area would spend a very limited budget on newspapers?


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