Sepia Saturday


School has started again for almost all schools here so I’m inspired to find some nostalgic photos related to learning.


Domestic Science Cooking Class, 1913, Miami University


Internet Archive, St. Nicholas Magazine, 1873


Teacher Training, Hong Kong, n.d. National Archive U.K.

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6 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. I love the notion a culinary laboratory. Who knows what experimental food they cooked up? And the second illustration is appropriate in our time where literacy is still the foundation of all education. Handwriting maybe not so much.


  2. Great post and fabulous photos. A picture is worth a thousand words and all that. Hope your arm gets better soon. I was very frustrated and impatient when my foot was out of action for a few weeks last year. I thought it would never get better and became quite despondent. Chin up. I’m sending positive thoughts across the internet 🙂


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