Sepia Saturday

gas station.jpeg

I was inspired to comb the archives for gas station photos. I was surprised by some of the whimsy I discovered.

mo state archives 1935

Missouri 1935, LOC

Milwaukee 1977 z

Milwaukee, 1977

ariz 1979 0_z

Arizona, 1979


Portland, OR, 1973

The photo above ws taken during a time when there was a gas shortage. Gas was sold first come, first served. You had to line up early to fuel up.

wash 1987_z

Washington, 1987

milwakuee or 1980z

Milwaukee, OR 1980

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4 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. Creative small commercial architecture doesn’t get much historical attention, and plays a more important role in American culture than we’d like to admit. Those eye-catching structures helped define our memory of local geography. Some of the best older filling station garages are so unique that long after the oil companies went out of business they remain on the historic registry converted into gourmet cafes and jewelry boutiques. And I remember those long lines at the gas pumps in ’73. Let’s hope we never see that kind of crisis again.


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