My Dad got a new car on Friday. I always love the smell of new cars and it’s fun to see the new features and be in such a pristine vehicle.

What makes me laugh is there are all kinds of voice activated features, but they don’t exactly work right. So when I was getting my first ride, my father told the car to “Turn up the air conditioning.” and the car turned on the radio to a station in L.A. with a traffic report. Then Dad repeated his request and the car turned on the heating.

There are a few kinks.

3 thoughts on “Funny

  1. Some years back I was at the Cessna plane factory in Kansas and got a ride in a brand new C-172 (4 seater plane). It had that same new car smell that I assume you are referring to. Of course no voice activated features existed then and I don’t know if those planes have them even now.


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