Sepia Saturday


This week’s prompt sent me hunting for photos with three


The Field Museum, 1899

From the Allison V. Armour Expedition.

three girls

National Library of Ireland, 1929

Smiling Irish flower girls

three tots_z

Internet Archive, 1920

From the B & O Railroads Employee Magazine. I guess these kids were children of employees. Click here to see more inspired nostalgia.

11 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. How interesting –
    And the flower girls phot reminds me of the advancements we have had in pantyhose…. the girl on the left has some pantry hose on that seem thick (still nice and likely expensive back then – perhaps?)

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    • Thanks! The young children do look like they’re on a train trip, but maybe since their parents were likely train employees, they were just on the train and then got off. I’m not sure.


    • I can’t tell if those are nails on the shoes. Perhaps. I think fashion and discomfort went hand in hand until rather recently so the first trio may not have been given much sympathy if they complained.


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