The Bad Side of Being a Student

I just finished, or really just gave up on an assignment I’ve got to submit before midnight for a computer class. It’s an Introduction to Python class and while I can do many things with Python, I can’t figure out how to do what I’m supposed to do in the way I’m assigned this week. I could work on it for an hour and 10 minutes more, but I’m just too tired. I’ve spent most of today (at least 6 hours) and a good part of yesterday trying to get past my blind spot. No Eureka! came. I am so tired and hope I get some points for the parts that look right.

The one thing I’ll say is it’s made me see how hard students have it at times.

Another frustration is it’s time to register. For some of these classes you have to line up a proctor. I registered and then had to find a proctor, when a friend agreed, it was too late. So I re-registered. Later today my friend got an email that the registration was canceled. There aren’t real people involved, no phone number to call so I think I’m out of luck.

Working people often dream of the idyllic aspect of education, but there’s lots of bureaucracy and frustration.