Weekend Coffee Share

wordswag_15073188796611453091488Weekend Coffee Share is a time for us to take a break out of our lives and enjoy some time catching up with friends (old and new)!

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I finished the Dervla Murphy book The Ukimwi Road and I’ll soon get another one of hers to read next. I love her outlook and spirit. Perhaps I’ll get her first book Full Tilt about her bike journey from Ireland to India.

Work’s gotten strange and nerve-wracking, but hopefully that will change.

I began working part time for the U.S. Census. We had one day of training last Monday and got our equipment for our task of systematically checking addresses block by block to make sure the government’s records are up to date. We had about 15 hours of online training, which was really done well so that it’s easy to remember what we’re supposed to do. Tomorrow we gather for our next training.

I just finished watching Gate of Hell, a Japanese film from the 50’s about the samurai era. The costumes were gorgeous and made me wish I had lived in that time — as a royal.

I’m in the 6th of 8 weeks in my University of the People courses and I’m learning quite a lot about coding with Python. I have to take another class in college readiness, “because their program is unique.” I tried to get out of it since I know how to take notes and I know all about active learning. I’m learning nothing and the homework takes a lot of time. That’s the weakness of this program.