Sepia Saturday


This week we’re inspired to find and share photos of tents.


Cornell University Library, 1910, Iceland



SMU Library, 1905, Texas

girl scouts_z

Florida Memory, 196-, Tallahassee

boys ua 1918_o

UA Archives, 1918, Ohio, USA

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7 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. Nice selection of vintage tents. With so many modern, high-tech ones available now it’s nice to remember that a few poles some fabric and a flap were once enough to sleep or entertain out in nature.


  2. My dad was in the US army and my first camping experience was in army surplus pup tents. I can still smell the odor of wet canvas. It was always mixed with the aroma of white gas for the camp stove and DDT for the mosquitoes.


  3. The present day tents with sewn-in floors are so much nicer. But I remember camping as a little girl with canvas thrown down on the ground separately inside the tent. I also remember my Mom in the living room (because it was the only place big enough to spread them out) sewing two tents together on her sewing machine so she and Dad and three of us kids could sleep in the same tent together. The way she put the two tents together, she and Dad had the front ‘room’, and we kids slept in the back ‘room’. Good memories! 🙂


  4. Great vintage photos. I was camping near Tallahassee in the 70s, just a decade after that great photo from the 60s with the canopy tent. I used plasticized fabric sheets for covering our picnic tables (strung with ropes between trees) many times so rain wouldn’t fall on us…usually bright blue or green.


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