Sepia Saturday

This week’s prompt sent me searching for people, particularly young people, playing stringed instruments. Here’s what I found.


State Library of Queensland, 1905

The exposure of this photo of a boy playing the violin gives it an ethereal feeling.

girls band f_z

State Library of NSW, circa 1910

Henry Morton Nazareto Orchestra

natl archives_z.jpg

National Archives U.K. 1948

In the Cayman Islands


LOC, 1930

Harpist at the Turkish Embassy

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6 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. All good and I might easily bid on any of the photos if they were ever to appear on eBay. The first one is indeed made better for its foggy effect. The second photo of the children’s orchestra looks very like postcard photos of orphanage bands/orchestras her in the US. Perhaps it is an institutional ensemble? Mandolin orchestras were popular because the instrument was thought easier to play than a violin.


  2. Great selection of photos. My favorite is the harpist. I am always amazed by folks that take up the harp — such a challenging instrument to tote around, although most must have used harps at their concert venue in the same way many pianists do.


  3. Some interesting choices, but my favorite is that first one of the young boy playing the violin. I wonder if he went on eventually to play in an orchestra? Music being so much a part of my life, I have to hope so. 🙂


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