Sepia Saturday

Seized Vehicles (1942) Vancouver Public Library : Sepia Saturday 477

This week’s Sepia Saturday prompt inspired me to find some photos of old cars. I saw quite a few at a local Independence Day Parade.  To see more inspired posts, visit Sepia Saturday.


Below are some early car photos from the archives.


Source: (n.d.)

car brisbane_z

State Library of Queensland, 1915 | Flickr Commons


First Benz Motor Wagon

I’m surprised by the look of this contraption.

car lotbcf_z

Deseronto Archives, circa 1980 (looks older to me)


Philadelphia Junk Yard from Flickr Commons


4 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. I love classic cars and trucks. Sometimes I think I might like to drive a vintage runabout, or have two sport cars, or three motorcycles, or even more. But instead I collect photographs and postcards because they take up less space and don’t leave oil on the garage floor.


  2. Great photos, all, but I like best the motorized tri-mo-cycle – or whatever they were called – with the men in bowler hats! 🙂 Fun.


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