Sepia Saturday

Country Curch, Sharp County - Sepia Saturday 474

I’m sharing photos of churches this week for Sepia Saturday. In this neck of the woods our old churches are far more beautiful than the newer ones.

st john's church parramattaz

Australian Historical Society, 1910

St. John’s Parramatta, built in 1810. Oldest church in Parramatta.

Byggnadsverk-Religionsutövning - kyrkor-(01) Exteriörer

Swedish National Heritage Board, 1937

St. Peter’s Church, Caen France
Doesn’t it remind you of Notre Dame? Building began in the 13th century and continued into the 16th.

Visby cathedral_z

Swedish Heritage Foundation, 1870

Visby Cathedral, Gotland, Sweden

Below are a few churches I’ve visited. If you click on the image, you’ll see the name and place.




6 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. The idea of a church spire has inspired architects for ages. I don’t think many modern churches get it right. The collage puzzle was very clever.


  2. Nothing beats those big ol’ cathedrals in Europe. One of my favorites is in Prague. It has a double tower and spire that they call the Adam and Eve towers. The “male” tower and spire are bigger than the “female” one. Apparently having this setup was common.


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