Sepia Saturday

Sepia Saturday Theme Image 472 : 1 June 2019

This week’s prompt inspired me to find photos of writers.


Ezra Pound, John Quinn, Ford Maddox Ford, James Joyce, Columbia University

walter scott

Sir Walter Scott & Friends (see list below)

Above: Thomas Thomson, James Ballantyne, Archibald Constable, Thomas Campbell, Tom Moore, Sir Adam Fergusson, Francis Jeffrey, William Wordsworth, John Gibson Lockhart, George Crabbe, Henry Mackenzie, Scott, and (on footstool) James Hogg. Retrieved from



9 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. Fantastic to see all of these. All of the pictures look very natural except for the first one which, to me seems very posed. What do you think?
    Was Archibald Constable related to the painter, John Constable?

    Thanks for these, it was great to see them all.


  2. Being a writer (or even a blogger) is a very solitary occupation. Having a place to hang out with your peers creates a real feeling of comradery. Say! Why don’t we photoshop a group photo of Sepia Saturday bloggers?


  3. Some of the folks in your photos could have walked right out of this week’s Sepia Saturday prompt photo! It’s true what Mike says about writers and bloggers — lots of time spent alone developing the written work. But in my experience, writers are very social the minute they are in a room together. So it’s nice to see photos of these gatherings.


  4. What fun photos…and yet we don’t know who was sitting around the checkered tablecloth…some people enjoying each other’s company at least. I love Mike’s idea to pull the Sepians into a grouping with photoshop…not a talent I have.

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