Excellent Video on US-China Trade War

Serpentza offers some great insight in clear terms on the US-China trade war. I agree with his thoughts.

I do think it was a mistake to put so many factories in one country. We should diversify.

1 thought on “Excellent Video on US-China Trade War

  1. Yes, the US has done a great job helping China engage the capitalist system and pull itself into the industrial 2x century. We miscalculated a bit about how much this would cost and how this would also foster democracy.

    The tariffs are also a clever, “sideways” device to introduce inflation and reduce the trade deficit… all while the US citizens “pay [for it]” to “win [the necessary war]” against those “dirty, rotten, godless, cheatin’ chinese”.

    It is time for China to stand on its’ own feet. They’ve seen the light and it is firmly in their grip.


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