Harrington’s Commonplaces

Some wise sayings from a teacher I once had at Act One:

“What gets us over our terror? …Love for someone else.”
(14 January 2019)

“There is no joy without commitment, but commitment implies renunciation of other things.” (15 January 2019)

“There’s no growth without tension.” (15 January 2019)

“One sign of growth is that you always have new problems.” (17 January 2019)

“At what point does your character become your fate?” (22 January 2019)

“The reactive person is not in control.” (22 January 2019)

“Some fights are worth losing.” (29 January 2019)

“The gods that we worship determine the values we hold.” (31 January 2019)

“A lie in the brain is getting a fact wrong; a lie in the soul is getting a life wrong.” (31 January 2019)

“A truly educated person is one who pauses.” (4 February 2019)

“You have to be willing to be wrong to be wrong
.” (4 February 2019)

“The mark of a grownup is flexibility.” (5 February 2019)

“The first sign of God’s will for us is the gifts He’s given us.” (5 February 2019)

“Safety isn’t part of the Christian dispensation. Martyrdom is.” (7 February 2019)


“Music matters. It matters what we’re singing to ourselves.”(12 February 2019)

“Everyone has to look at their own soul and their own heart and say, ‘What owns me?’” (12 February 2019)

“If you do the right thing for the wrong reason, one day you’ll start doing the wrong thing for any reason.” (12 February 2019)

“Whoever can successfully pander to the masses wins.” (12 February 2019)

“You decide what hill you’re going to die on.” (12 February 2019)

“Which of my wild desires is most likely to make me become an addict?” (14 February 2019)

“Don’t dabble in darkness.” (14 February 2019)

“The life of the mind brings a pleasure with it that exceeds eating a whole plate of lasagna.” (14 February 2019)

“All the demons can do is suggest things to us.” (14 February 2019)

“It’s really hard to get a demon out of your house once they’ve made themselves comfortable on your sofa.” (14 February 2019)

“One sign that you’ve really escaped the cave and encountered the truth is that you have compassion for those who haven’t.” (19 February 2019)

“Every time has its lies that everybody’s buying into.” (19 February 2019)

“You’re not responsible when you have no power.” (21 February 2019)

“Bumbles bounce, thank God.” (21 February 2019)

”The crowd” doesn’t have a brain.” (21 February 2019)
Schneider 94

“God gave us emotions for a reason. We’re meant to feel things, not just think things.” (26 February 2019)

“My feeling is that you get desensitized to evil the first time you do it.” (26 February 2019)

“I can’t know what’s good for my nature if I don’t know my nature.” (28 February 2019)

“We have this freedom to reject God, which causes messes.” (14 March 2019)

“Is your life a testimony to the existence of Heaven?” (14 March 2019)

“Writer’s block is someone writing about something they don’t care about.” (19 March 2019)

“We hate the burden of our freedom.” (19 March 2019)

“If we only talk to God when we need something or when we’re scared, what kind of relationship is that?” (19 March 2019)

“Wisdom is knowing the natures of things.” (26 March 2019)

“A lot of times we attract hatred because we’re jerks and we blame it on Jesus.” (26 March 2019)

“One of the things genius does is it changes things.” (28 March 2019)

“You have to be a believer to be a heretic.” (1 April 2019)

“I can’t heal myself – I’m not that good a doctor.” (2 April 2019)

“The new man is me with Jesus wrapped around me.” (4 April 2019)

“I’m not just nice, I’m a disciple.” (4 April 2019)

“Can you live in such a way that people ask you questions about why you live that way?” (4 April 2019)

“Grace is the life of God which is given to us in an unmerited way.” (9 April 2019)

“In God, thought is reality.” (9 April 2019)

“Even your presence where bad things are happening can be an endorsement.” (9 April 2019)
“You don’t accidentally wake up in the morning and do something demonic.” -(11 April 2019)

“As long as we live, God’s grace messes up our sin life.” (11 April 2019)

“You want to have more authority in what you say? Say something true.”