Tour: Amazon Fulfillment Center

I almost forgot I signed up, but gladly I did and I went to the free tour of the Amazon Fulfillment Center in Kenosha, Wisconsin. In about an hour, I was part of a small group (since several people didn’t show up) who had a fun tour of the center of this high tech center which uses people, robots, high tech scanners that read all the codes to quickly move goods from trucks to sorting to packaging and on to the trucks that get your goodies to your home.

Our guide was informative and amusing, the experience excellently planned. First we got an introduction in a classroom and picked up our earphones. The facility is rather noisy with all these goods and boxes whirling around, but with the earphones we could hear the guide. The Amazon “ambassador” had a microphone so we could ask questions the the guide could hear, repeat and answer.

It’s an amazing place and a good tour for all ages. Click here to register for a free tour.

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  1. The 9/11 Museum tour I did last week also included headphones which made easy to hear the guide despite all the noise from other visitors but there was no questions part or microphone included for the people taking the tour. The tour was informative and even locals can learn a few new details.

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  2. Sounds like a great tour. There’s a lot of security at Amazo so there are 2 employees with you and the second person carries the mic and takes up the rear.

    When you sign up for the tour, you see all the rules. No cameras, no purses or bags, etc. The employees have to go through a system like the airport when they enter or e it.


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