Sepia Saturday

Joan And The Pedalo : Lake Maggiore, Italy. 1947 (Third Party Album)

This week’s prompt inspires me to think of summer and water sports.

Photographs of Camden area taken by Theresa Parker Babb between 1898-1900.  Theresa was the wife of Knox Mill superintendent C.W. Babb (1863-1956), and she was the grandmother of the donor, Janan Babb Vaughn.  Theresa Babb was born in 1868 and died in 194

1899 Source: Camden Public Library


Source: George Eastman Museum, 1905

SFFf-1989091.0E 097

Folks in a row boat, 1910 | Flickr Commons

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9 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. I can appreciate that back in the day adults would dress modestly when enjoying some recreation at the seaside or by a lake, but how did parents ever contain exuberant children playing in the water who are dressed as if they are at Sunday School?


  2. I particularly like the hats the children are wearing — tho the hat the lady in the row boat is wearing is nearly as eye catching.


  3. I wonder if the dress in the second photo is actually a bathing suit from that period. If so, it’s even more substantial a suit than in the prompt…cannot imagine it soaked with water after a swim. It would amount to a weight workout!


  4. Three fascinating photographs of people of varying ages enjoying themselves. I could see the photographs each being an inspiration for a short story


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