Aspen Blind Cafe

I accidentally found this old post that is worth calling your attention too. I’d definitely want to experience a Blind Café myself, would you?

Ruined for Life: Phoenix Edition

Here’s an interesting description of a night at a blind cafe, a chance for people to simulate blindness by experiencing it (in a minor way) at a restaurant. It sounds like such a cool idea. The author is Rachel of Giggles and Musings.

Aspen Blind Cafe

Last night, I went, at the request of my mother, to an event called the Aspen Blind Café. I was a two hour event that started at 8:30pm and was dinner and a live music performance in complete darkness. When I say that you start to picture it, whether you intend to or not, but I will tell you now that you can’t. You have no idea. I went with my mom, my step- dad (Steve) and a friend of my mom’s (Kim) and her boyfriend (Brad).

We were led into the space by a blind server. He seated us at a rectangular table…

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More on the College Admissions Scandal

I’m still finding this interesting. This lawyer spells out the legality that pertains to Operation Varsity Blues.