The Pink Refrigerator

5113jn92IcL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_Written and illustrated by Tim Egan, The Pink Refrigerator is a charming book that tells the story of a mouse with the love of the cosy and familiar that reminds me of a Hobbit. Dodsworth owns a second hand store and loves running his store and living a predictable life where the main form of recreation is television.

One day Dodsworth acquires an old, pink refrigerator. He plans to sell it but becomes intrigued by its magic. You see, one day Dodsworth goes to the fridge to get rid of it, but he’s surprised by a note that says “Paint Pictures.” Inside the fridge there are all the supplies needed to paint.

Day after day, the fridge challenges Dodsworth to get outside his comfort zone and do something new and creative. Before you know it, Dodsworth’s transformed. It’s a cute, cosy tale that inspires.

Life After Terror

I just watched an interesting documentary called Life After Terror on NHK, a cable channel from Japan. The documentary shows the efforts on an Indonesian man named Huda who has started an NGO to help rehabilitate people who got involved in ISIL. Most of this program shows how he helped a young woman who convinced her family, her extended family so there’s at least a dozen people, to leave Jakarta and to to Syria, where they’ll find peace. I was amazed that the father’s solution to not having his daughter go to Syria alone to join ISIL aka ISIS was to uproot the entire family and go with her.

The focus of the 28 minute documentary is Noor Huda, who after discovering that one of his old school friends was partly responsible for the Bali Bombings, leaves his job as a journalist for the Washington Post to start an NGO with the mission of reintegrating terrorists into society.

You can see this short documentary here on NHK till March 18th. You’re sure to learn a lot, as I did.