CPD Theme Day: Green

Green for March

Beijing Daily Photo 2

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At the start of the month, there’s a theme to inspire City Daily Photo bloggers. March 2019’s theme is green.

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Mac Tips


With the hope of speeding my this ever so slow Mac Mini, last week I attended a Macintosh Maintenance class at a nearby high school. While some of the tips covered I already knew like:

  • You shouldn’t keep a laptop plugged in all the time. It’s best for the battery if you allow it to drain, some say to 15% other recommend 30%.
  • You should use a surge protector so that if your electricity fluctuates and harms your computer.
  • You should accept software updates, which can be done automatically.
  • You should back up your files either with an external hard drives, a cloud service, or flash drives.


I also learned a few new ideas, such as:

  • Don’t save (many) documents on your desktop as this slows down your computer significantly.  It’s better to create an alias (by highlighting the original icon and press Command+L or choose File and then Make Alias) of a file on the desktop and keep the actual file in the documents or other place.
  • Empty your trash bin daily.
  • If you set your time cursor to blink, that can be an indicator of whether your computer’s working fine or not. So if you’re on your computer and the colon separating the hour and minutes isn’t blinking, then there’s a problem.
  • Keep your computer on on Friday night into Saturday morning because this is when Apple puts out updates, which patch security holes and improve your computer’s performance.