Sepia Saturday

Sepia Saturday 457 : 16 February 2019

I love the old time department stores so this prompt has inspired me to find photos of their windows. I grew up visiting Marshall Fields in Chicago. My grandmother and mother would take me there and it was always a big deal. Such elegance. Such service.

Regrettably, we’ll soon have robots running the stores, which won’t be the same, not by a long shot. Below are some images from Marshall Fields and other retailers that evoke that charm and warmth of nostalgia.


At Christmas, Marshall Fields, n.d.


Outside Marshall Fields, 1910


Drawing of NY’s Macy’s Window, circa 1910


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6 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

    • And shopping isn’t the same when a department store is like a grocery store. If I had a store, I’d focus on providing great service as that and the vibe of a store are the best leverage against online shopping.


  1. I can remember being taken for a drive through downtown Washington D.C. to see department store windows decorated for Christmas. With the decline of the grand old stores we’ve early lost that shared culture of city life.


  2. ‘Snap’ on the drawing of the crowd at Macy’s window display in 1910. 🙂 The displays in the windows of the old stores 50+ years ago were so great. What a shame the big box stores did away with them depriving us of the joy of peering in at the elegance and originality of those old windows!


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