Green for Danger


British detective film Green for Danger (1946) kept me guessing. Set during WWII in a rural hospital, Green for Danger begins with a postman, who dies on the operating table. Was it an accident or murder? When a senior nurse suspects foul play and starts to investigate, she winds up dead and it seems there’s a murderer in the little group of doctors and nurses. One doctor is quite a ladies’ man and is wooing/stealing the anesthesiologist’s fiancée. The hanky-panky makes figuring out what happened and why all the more difficult.

Enter Inspector Cockrill (Alastair Sim), who has the driest sense of humor I’ve ever seen. Cockrill, aloof and observant, makes Sherlock Holmes look convivial. Yet in the end, with great creativity, Cockrill discovers the culprit.

Green for Danger is a sophisticated who done it that kept me guessing and entertained. It’s got the with and gravitas of a Golden Age film. There’s plenty of steamy romance and betrayals.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Color of Your Choice


Kyoto, Japan

Each week Cee of Cee’s Photography challenges bloggers with a fun prompt. This week we’re to share photos featuring a color of your choice and I’ve chosen red. What color or colors would you choose?

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Cheap College

A friend recommended University of the People, an online international college that offers practical degrees in Business (up to MBA), Computer Science (up to BS) and a Masters in Education. From what I’ve read online they aren’t accredited in the US, which could be a problem depending on your needs. I see a problem with the education degree because if you need certification in a US state, they might not recognize this.

However as the fees are reasonable, i.e. $60 to apply and $100 to get credit for a class (free if you don’t care about the credit) this option is even better than community college since where I live an undergraduate community college course is $136/hr.

I may take a class with University of the People and since I’ve already got two masters degrees I may get an MBA just to know more about business and possibly get a job. The thought here is that since I’ve proven that I can get in and complete a degree from a good university, I don’t need to prove my academic gravitas. I just want to understand computers or business better.

I think this is marvelous for online learners, particularly those in developing countries.