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Sepia Saturday 453 : 19 January 2019

I’ve gone with a look through the archives for cigarette themed images. First I found this image in an anti-smoking story


Harpers Young People, 187

_______ (<– not shown) want all the boys who are in the habit of smoking* cigarettes, of who are beginning to learn how to smoke them, to pay attention while we tell them of a sad event that recently took place ill one of our Eastern cities. Among-the number of bright boys who had set out to become business men was a lad fifteen years of age, employed in a lawyer’s office. During- his leisure hours and on Sundays lie was in the habit of smoking cigarettes, the smoke of which he inhaled. From this he passed to chewing tobacco, and it is said that when he was not smoking a cigarette he always had tobacco in his mouth, and occasionally combined the two. His parents endeavored to break him of the habit, but all they could _____(alas not legible). His health soon began to fail rapidly, and his family, who were not aware that tobacco would have such injurious effects, fancied that his weakness was caused by the close confinement which lie had to undergo at his place of business.


UK Archives, 1966


UK Archives 1966

Appealing to people’s sense of luxury to get them to stop smoking.



Now, of course, there were plenty of ads for smoking. Here are some that stuck me as outrageous.


Santa, shame on you!


Baby, you’re all wrong

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7 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. I loved in London for two years in the 80s when smoking in public was everywhere. Returning to Britain over the past 30 years has shown how the anti-smoking campaign and restrictions have changed British society for the better. Unfortunately the new vaping trend will need a new campaign to teach people common sense about the poison of nicotine.

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  2. One of the great achievements of current times is making tobacco companies finally own up to the fact smoking tobacco is harmful to your health – and especially to the health of young people!

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  3. Oh those old ads are something! When I was working on my post, I kept running into ads for Lucky Strike that kept saying “It’s toasted” – not even sure what that means, but they seemed to think it was a better and safer product because of it.

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  4. I agree with you – Shame on Santa! And encouraging moms to smoke! We’ve come a long way, baby, but not far enough. And vaping! Also promoted as a healthier alternative.

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